Brittany Pezzillo

 I am an illustrator (and Executive Ogre) from central New Jersey who specializes in fantasy, sci fi, horror and psychedelic themes. In addition to illustration, I also color comic books and develop a variety of concept art. I love to paint and tell stories, to forge new worlds and their inhabitants for all to enjoy.

 My clients across the board have included AEG, Wright Entertainment, Dynamite Comics, Pelgrane Press, Knighthawk Games and more.

I am currently available for freelance work, please contact me at:

Social Media Stuff

My social media accounts live here - some of them have more than just my art, they also have 150% more goofball and your daily value of riboflavin:

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Freelance Art / Illustration
Pelgrane Press - Card Art
Wright Entertainment - Card Art for flagship game.
Alderac Entertainment Group - Card Art for Doomtown Reloaded
Knighthawk Games - Illustrator and Concept Artist for Dragon Chess: Arcane Battles
Tell-A-Graphics - Penciler and Inker for PS Magazine
Comic Colorist for a variety of companies including Dynamite Entertainment.

The Kubert School - 2010-2013
Mercer County Community College - Fine Art 2007-2009

2015 - Art All Night Exhibit - Trenton, NJ
2014 - 10x10 Show - Artworks Gallery - Trenton, NJ